Marble Flooring

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Marble Floor Tiles

Marble flooring has been used for centuries because of its natural beauty and sophistication. Marble floor tiles have been used in churches, temples, government building, homes and historical landmarks for a variety of reasons including durability and style. The luster and shine of marble floor tiles are only one of their features. Weisman Home Outlets offers a variety of marble flooring patterns and colors through its extensive inventory. Marble flooring can be coordinated with countertops, wallpaper, and paint schemes in different rooms of your home. One of the most significant advantages to our marble flooring is the fact that it is easy to keep clean while also be very resistant to staining. All of our marble floor tiles are resistant to allergens, moisture and bacteria, making them the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers and hallways. Once a Weisman Home Outlets installer has properly sealed your marble floor tiles you will not have to worry about deep cleaning or staining.

Discount Marble Flooring

Weisman Home Outlets is your number one resource for finding the best marble floor tiles for your home. Our Marble #212 is a classic look that incorporates greys and browns in a more solid pattern than our other choices. This is the perfect tile for kitchens or foyers as it will compliment a variety of colors and area rugs. The #212 is also great for granite or solid color countertops. Our #550 is a more traditional marble with browns and light greys. These marble flooring options are great for lighter colored rooms or kitchens with white cabinets. Our #553 is the “in-between” of the 212 and the 550, offering a darker hue than the #212, but a lighter hue than the 550. The 552 is perfect for kitchens that have darker countertops and darker cabinetry. Select the marble floor tiles that are best for your home on our website and receive your great discount!