Stone Tile

Stone Tile - We carry stone tile and have everything you need to install stone tiles properly. Browse our website for discount stone tile today!

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Discount Stone Tile

Once only the very wealthy could afford stone tile. It is a finish synonymous with luxury. However, in recent years, stone tile has become more widely available. It is now a flooring and bathroom backsplash staple due to its easy maintenance and durability. Stone tile is a beautiful material to use in any home as it still evokes an upscale look. Whatever your budget use a little stone tile or a lot to make your home your castle.

You may choose to install stone tiles as your flooring material for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and living rooms. Weisman Home Outlets is your number one resource for discount stone tiles. And we offer the professionalism and meticulous craftsmanship you expect when installing this sophisticated flooring option in your home.

Mosaic Stone Tiles

Our Mosaic Large comes sealed or unsealed, giving you a choice of the finish you want for your flooring. Our Mosaic Medium also comes with or without a sealed surface, but with smaller stones than our large option Select the stone tile that is best for your home on our website and receive a great discount!